AV Option - Training Area

Job Description

This room will be used to train corporate employees. It will also be used to provide demonstrations to clients and business partners. The system needs to be capable of displaying both analog and digital media as an integral part of high quality, professional presentations. Consideration for future additional sources of various types will need to be incorporated into the design. Additionally, the system needs to be highly reliable and simple to operate.

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Training Area Assessment


Various presenters and instructors, with classroom or stadium seating for audience attendees.

Display Requirements

Projector with either a motorized or fixed screen located on the front wall, to enable viewing of PC and video sources. Alternatively, multiple large format LED displays may be used as standalone visual aides, or in conjunction with a projector and screen.

Viewing Distance Range

Anywhere from 8 feet (2.4 meters) to 65 feet (20 meters).

Computer Sources and Connectivity

Once PC workstation at the lectern with DVI output at 1280x1024 resolution, 15-pin HD inputs for laptops at the lectern and also on the rear wall, DVI / HDMI inputs for laptops at the lectern and on the rear wall. the laptops will be at various resolutions. Additional sources and connectivity can be a Blu-ray Disc player in the lectern, as well as HDMI and auxiliary AV inputs.

Audio Requirements

The system needs to provide program audio playback of PC content and video sources. Additional needs include sound reinforcement for a lectern microphone, a wireless lavalier microphone, and a handheld wireless microphone. Ceiling mounted speakers requirements will depend greatly on the overall size of the room, and be installed at strategic listening points that are aligned with the audience attendees.

Control Interface

A simple-to-use control interface is needed at the lectern to power the resources on and off, control source switching, raise and lower the projection screen, and control the audio levels as well as any other inputs. A second touchscreen control panel may be installed on a specific wall, and used in conjunction with another touchscreen panel in the room.

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