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Job Description

A boardroom is typically required to provide seamless audiovisual technology to enable presenters to share information more effectively with meeting attendees. The ability to route any of the AV sources to the displays and a highly reliable and easy to operate control system is of the utmost importance.

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Board Room Assessment


The AV system is designed to be operated with minimal or no training. The staff is not AV savvy and relies on their service agreement to service and maintain the AV system. Additionally, the boardroom will be used by multiple clients and vendors who will not be trained on how to use the AV system. It MUST be easy to operate and understand.


There may be as many as five HD LED displays and an HD projector. All of the displays are required to show the same image, or multiple images at the same time. A distribution amplifier is required and since the projector and displays are located at a larger distance, transmitters and receivers will be required as well.

Sources and Connectivity

There is one input jack for a laptop, one document camera, one Blu-ray player, and one PC. Each source will be scaled up to provide a high resolution signal.


All the audio from the sources is fed into a digital matrix processor for audio mixing and volume control before going to the audio amplifier and overhead/sound induction speaker system.

Control System

There needs to be a centralized wall mounted, or table integrated control system that uses a touchscreen panel controller to control all video sources, source selection, audio levels, and visual displays. An added feature would allow additional connectivity for laptops, power, data, HDMI, VGA, USB, etc. The touchscreen must be simple to operate and easy to understand. Both of these types of controllers can work in unison, providing full system and resource control from any point in the room.

Documentation / Administrative Training

CRAV will supply all appropriate operations manuals for the remote control system, as well as provide the administrative staff with training for the new AV system.

Functional Requirements

The users of the AV system must be able to easily power up the AV system, send sources to the display(s), control the AV sources and audio levels, and shut off the system. The system must also be able to power down after a user specified period of inactivity. The system will also have the ability to establish pre-set commands telling the systems when to power off and on, at whatever times are preferred.

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